Thousands of Daily Passing Violations While School Buses Load, Unload

Many Florida drivers are not stopping for school buses loading and unloading students, even though flashing lights and extended arms instruct them to do so, according to an article published in the Orlando Sentinel. These drivers can cause car accidents injuring students getting on and off the bus.

Over the years, students hit by cars wrongfully passing buses have been severely injured. Injuries possible in these types of accidents include:

This past April, school bus drivers across the state participated in a one-day survey, which showed 21,338 vehicles had passed school buses that day. Sometimes, drivers passed on the right side of the bus, where children board and exit.

Drivers are ticketed if a police officer sees the incident. Many school districts are considering equipping school buses with cameras like the ones used for red-light violations. If someone passes the bus, the camera will snap a shot of the license plate and the driver receives a ticket in the mail.

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