No Negligence on the Part of Driver Involved in Motorcade Crash

An initial report from the Florida Highway Patrol says the driver involved in the motorcycle accident that killed a police officer in President Obama’s motorcade was not driving negligently. According to an Associated Press story, a separate Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office homicide investigation is still ongoing.

The accident occurred in West Palm Beach earlier this month. Officer Bruce St. Laurent was struck on his motorcycle by a Ford F-150. He was pronounced dead at the hospital.

The report states St. Laurent drove his motorcycle in front of the truck. It also says his lights were flashing. Apparently the woman driving the truck was not drunk or distracted, and she wasn’t speeding.

Motorcycles have unique characteristics which require caution on the part of the motorcycle driver and other motorists. You can prevent car and motorcycle accidents by:

  • Giving the motorcycle the full width of the lane
  • Checking for motorcycles before making a left turn
  • Signaling turns and lane changes with enough time for a motorcyclist to react

Motorcycles can be difficult to see. Checking your blind spots and exercising care can go a long way in avoiding these accidents.

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