Issues Facing Older Drivers

Ever since a 100-year-old man in Los Angeles backed his car into a crowd of people behind him earlier this summer, a number of media sources have addressed the issue of senior citizens and auto accidents. A recent Associated Press story points out that, although 30 states have requirements for licensing older drivers, each state’s requirements differ significantly. It seems there is no easy way to determine when someone’s age has made it unsafe to drive.

In Florida, at the age of 80 a driver must renew his or her driver’s license every six years, and pass a vision test each time.

Advanced age alone does not mean it is unsafe for a person to drive. Instead, many of the physical and cognitive changes that accompany certain health conditions and the aging process have the ability to make driving difficult. Issues facing older drivers include:

  • Slower reaction time
  • Declining vision
  • Medication side effects
  • Age-related health conditions

According to the AP, fatal auto accidents among some seniors have been on the decline for the past 10 years, but drivers over the age of 85 have the highest rate of fatal auto accidents per mile driven.

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