Progressive® Settles With Family of Fatal Auto Accident Victim

Unfortunately, some auto insurance policyholders with underinsured motorist coverage (UM) quickly find themselves at odds with their own insurance company. Even though you have paid for the coverage, your insurance company may try to deny you this compensation after you are injured in an auto accident.

On August 13, a blogger named Matt Fisher published a post on his blog “Premium Fisher” describing how Progressive® refused to pay his sister’s insurance policy after she was killed in a car accident caused by another driver, who ran a red light. Fisher’s sister had UM coverage, and the driver was in fact underinsured.

Fisher’s family had to take the driver to court in order to prove the driver’s negligence had caused the auto accident. This finding would put pressure on Progressive to pay the claim (Matt’s family could not sue Progressive directly because of laws in their state). Fisher says a Progressive attorney was representing the driver who killed his sister.

Ultimately, Progressive settled with the family. Fisher’s story has gone viral. It’s been discussed on several national news programs. Last week, more than 1,000 people on Twitter claimed to have dropped their Progressive coverage, according to the Wall Street Journal Law Blog.

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