Suffering From Transvaginal Mesh Implant Complications Isn’t Necessary

Suffering From Transvaginal Mesh Implant Complications Isn’t Necessary

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In the last several years, thousands of women had pelvic organ prolapse, and as a result, needed a transvaginal mesh implant in order to correct the issue. Women who had stress urinary incontinence were often also advised to have transvaginal mesh implants surgically placed. These mesh implants were supposed to correct the problem of weakening ligaments, muscles, and tendons found in the lower section of the abdomen. In addition to the strengthening of weakened ligaments and muscles, transvaginal mesh implants were also supposed to alleviate pain, bowel movement issues, and urinary incontinence.

However, many women who had transvaginal mesh implants are finding that it didn’t help them in the way that it was promoted or advertised—in fact, transvaginal mesh implants had some serious complications that were in fact, making their lives very much more difficult. The FDA received almost 4,000 complaints about transvaginal mesh implants, and has recorded some very painful and problematic side effects. The following are some of the complications and side effects of transvaginal mesh failure:

• Vaginal scarring and or narrowing
• Erosion of the mesh
• Internal bleeding
• Urinary tract infections
• Urinary Incontinence
• Pain during sexual intercourse
• Emotional and mental trauma due to symptoms

Since 2008, when the FDA first came public about the issues with transvaginal mesh implants, the surgery has since been shelved. Multiple scientific studies have been published that show the nature of the complications and the disturbing rate of how many transvaginal mesh patients actually eventually had transvaginal mesh failure. If these symptoms are familiar to you or somebody you love, you don’t have to suffer alone anymore. There are transvaginal mesh failure attorneys in the state of Florida who can help put a stop to your pain by getting you the medical care you need, and a settlement that can cover your medical expenses and your pain and suffering. Let our attorneys work for you today to determine if you have a case.