Driving Safely With Motorcycles

Two people are dead after a tragic car and motorcycle accident that occurred earlier today at Conroy Road and Hidden Beach Boulevard. The other vehicle was an SUV. The cause of the accident is still under investigation.

Given the minimal protection of a motorcycle, motorcyclists are especially vulnerable to catastrophic injuries and fatalities following an accident. The unfortunate result of today’s harrowing accident cannot be undone, but we can all revisit the importance of driving safely with motorcyclists.

Share the road with motorcycles by adopting these safe driving habits:

  • Respect the rights and privileges of all drivers. Motorcyclists have the same rights on the road as other motorists.
  • Stay within your lane. A motorcyclist is entitled to the full width of the lane, regardless of the motorcycle’s size. Do not try to fit beside a motorcycle in the same lane.
  • Always check your blind spots. One of the most common reasons for motorcycle accidents is a failure to see the motorcycle. Anytime you change lanes, be sure to look over your shoulder in addition to checking your mirrors.
  • Be especially cautious when making left turns. Many motorists fail to see an oncoming motorcycle or misjudge the speed of the cycle. Make it a habit to check for motorcycles when turning.
  • Maintain an appropriate distance. Do not follow motorcycles at an unsafe, close distance. Motorcyclists may need to make quick maneuvers to avoid obstacles in the roadway, and you should allow enough room to react.

By practicing safe driving habits, you can better ensure your safety and the safety of cyclists with whom you share the road.

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