Florida Children Learn Pedestrian Safety

Over the weekend, many Florida children visited “Safety Town,” an annual event teaching safety skills to children. The event helps kids avoid pedestrian accidents and other hazardous situations.

Safety Town is a miniature model of a real town. Children walk around the town, practicing various safe habits, including:

  • Looking before crossing the street
  • Waiting for the traffic signal to change before crossing
  • Wearing a seatbelt
  • Wearing a bicycle helmet

Efforts like Safety Town are especially important in Orlando and the surrounding areas. According to the Orlando Sentinel, 16 children younger than 9 were killed in pedestrian accidents in Florida last year.

Just last week, a 7-year old boy on a bicycle was injured when a driver carelessly made a right turn onto the road the boy was crossing. The Orlando Sentinel reports the motorist was cited for careless driving. In another incident occurring this past weekend, a Kissimmee-area man was killed as he walked along the shoulder of a road. The driver of a pickup truck ran off the road, killing the man.

Negligent drivers cause tragic accidents every day, but teaching kids the importance of pedestrian safety early on can help them avoid these accidents.

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