Transportation Agency Provides Tips for Safe Summer Road Trips

Now that it’s officially summer and more people will be embarking on road trips, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is reminding motorists to take a little extra time to prepare and plan. By planning ahead, you can do your part to prevent car accidents. As you plan your summer road trip, remember to:

  • Get regular preventative maintenance
  • Check your tire pressure
  • Check wiper blades for signs of wear, and replace if needed
  • Check the levels of all the fluids
  • Make sure all of your lights are working
  • Carry an emergency kit in your car, with a first-aid kit, flashlight, flares, jumper cables and drinking water

Additionally, the NHTSA reminds drivers to buckle up, never drink and drive, and avoid driving distractions like text messaging. Florida recently passed a ban making texting while driving a secondary offense.

Many families, couples, and friends hit the road when the weather gets warm and sunny. By maintaining your car, you can reduce the chances of breaking down, which keeps you and other travelers on the road safer.

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