NHTSA Reminds Drivers of Unsafe Tire Inflation

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration recently released a reminder to motorists to check their tire pressure to avoid car accidents this summer. Of course, you should be checking your tire pressure throughout the year, not just in the summer. Properly inflated tires reduce your risk of a tire blowout. A blowout could cause you to lose control and get in a car accident.

The NHTSA released this reminder because of what can happen when high temperatures, under-inflated tires and highway speeds are combined. These factors increase the likelihood of a blowout. The heat, speed and under-inflation work together to degrade the tire and make the tire material weaker.

Car accidents can lead to catastrophic, expensive and life-altering injuries, such as:

To reduce the risk of tire trouble during the summer months, always remember to fill your tires to the recommended PSI, which should be listed in your owner’s manual and possibly noted somewhere on your car door.

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