Fault in Car Accidents With Bicycles

Car accidents between motorists and people on bicycles are not uncommon in Orlando. Cyclists have a right to travel in the roadways unless otherwise posted, which means accidents with cars can happen.

Given the potential problems caused by a bicycle and car traveling side by side, tempers often flare between cyclists and motorists. When accidents occur, each of these parties is usually quick to blame the other, although either one may be at fault for the accident.

In the latest issue of the Safety Report, an article titled “Driving Each Other Crazy” lists some of the ways either party can be at fault. Common cyclist errors leading to a car accident include:

  • Running red lights
  • Running stop signs
  • Listening to headphones
  • Failing to signal a lane change or turn
  • Weaving between cars

A motorist can also be at fault for common causes of accidents or in cases of:

  • A right hook: The motorist accelerates past the cyclist and then suddenly turns right in front of the cyclist.
  • The left cross: Traveling in opposite directions, the motorist suddenly turns left in front of the cyclist.
  • Traveling too closely: A motorist passes aggressively and unsafely close to the cyclist.

Whether you are a cyclist or a motorist, experienced accident attorney Michael Barszcz can help you pursue compensation from the responsible person who caused the accident and your resulting injuries.

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