How to Drive Safely During Back-To-School Week

It’s the time of year when students head back to school. The beginning of the school year means more children and young adults will be walking near roadways in the morning and afternoon. These students will be using sidewalks, crosswalks and bus stops. It’s important to drive carefully as students get used to their new school-year routine of getting to school and going home. By exercising a little extra caution, you can prevent a tragic pedestrian accident.

Please help protect children across Florida as they travel to and from school by following these precautions and rules:

  • Do not pass school buses that are stopped to let children on or off.
  • Obey reduced speeds that typically are posted in a school zone.
  • Be alert around crosswalks and look for children crossing.
  • Be prepared for children to dart out from in between parallel parked cars.
  • Don’t text and drive, which is now banned in the state of Florida.

The start of the school year may also mean more congestion on the roads you take to work. You may want to budget a little extra time so you can drive carefully.

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