US DOT Recommends Guidelines to Minimize Distractions

The US Department of Transportation has released voluntary guidelines that recommend ways for automakers to limit driver distractions built into their vehicles and prevent car accidents caused by these distractions.

Today’s vehicles have built-in electronic devices that can be a source of driver distraction. Such devices include navigation systems, as well as entertainment and communication devices.

Among these guidelines is a recommendation that any device require only two seconds or less of visual distraction at a time, or 12 seconds total. So, whatever the device, it should only require you to take your eyes off the road for a maximum of 2 seconds at a time and 12 seconds altogether.

The guidelines also suggest that certain features and sources of distraction work only when the vehicle is stopped and put in park. These features could include:

  • Manual text messaging and internet browsing
  • Video-based operations, such as video conferencing
  • Display of some types of text, such as text messages and social media

Consumers who purchase new vehicles today want these built-in electronics, but these voluntary guidelines attempt to balance this consumer demand with safety.

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