Avoid Auto Accidents on Halloween

A Florida Highway Patrol news release says the agency will be cracking down on drunk driving on Halloween. From today through November 4, police officers are preventing tragic auto accidents caused by drunk driving. You can expect DUI checkpoints in Orlando and the surrounding areas.

Everyone should be able to enjoy a fun and safe Halloween. If you are going to a party, avoid serious criminal charges and help keep your neighbors and other drivers safe by following FHP’s guidelines:

  • Before you leave for the party, make sure you have a solidified plan for getting home without driving drunk. Don’t wait until you are leaving the party to make this plan. Your plan may involve designating a sober driver before the festivities begin.
  • Don’t let your friends drive home drunk.
  • If you find yourself without a plan to get home, take a taxi. The fare is well worth preventing catastrophic injuries that can result in an auto accident. You could also call a sober family member or take the bus.

Prevent harm to pedestrians and auto accidents on Halloween, other drivers and yourself by never driving drunk.

If you have been in an auto accident in Orlando caused by someone else’s negligence, please contact the Law Offices of Michael Barszcz, M.D., J.D., to schedule a free consultation.