Futuristic Vehicle-To-Vehicle Communication May Prevent Car Accident Injuries

Research is underway to test the efficacy of high-tech, vehicle-to-vehicle communication. Officials believe the technology could reduce fatalities and injuries caused by car accidents.

The US Department of Transportation reports recent “driver acceptance clinics” show that a majority of the drivers who participated in the clinics liked the technology’s safety benefits, according to a press release from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).

Technology innovations may help prevent car accidents that lead to catastrophic injuries, such as:

Car accidents continue to be one of the primary causes of death in the US, and public and private organizations are looking at how new technologies can prevent these fatalities.

NHTSA along with several partners have been researching this technology. Apparently similar to Wi-Fi, the technology enables cars to alert drivers of roadway hazards that could lead to a car accident. These cars would communicate information about one another. For instance, you would be alerted if a car had suddenly stopped ahead of you or if there was a car in your blind spot.

Researchers will begin a second phase of testing this summer.

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