Careless Drivers Tend to Increase Drunk Driving Accidents Over the Holidays

Unfortunately, instances of drunk driving car accidents tend to increase in the second half of December. After a holiday party at the office or elsewhere, some people carelessly get behind the wheel when they shouldn’t. Last week, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration announced its holiday campaign to discourage drunk driving. NHTSA is working with state law enforcement to increase DUI checkpoints and the presence of officers over the holidays.

The government announced its “drive sober or get pulled over” holiday campaign, and also released 2011 drunk-driving statistics for each state.

While some parts of the country saw significant decreases in fatal DUI accidents in 2011, Florida saw an increase. In Florida, drunk driving accident fatalities rose by 5.6 percent in 2011 compared to the previous year, which translates to 38 more deaths than 2010.

Ultimately, prevention of drunk driving accidents comes down to personal responsibility. When drunk drivers choose to get behind the wheel, they endanger the lives of other people as well as themselves.

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