See the Blindspots Campaign Prevents Pedestrian Accidents

A campaign by the Florida Department of Transportation seeks to prevent pedestrian accidents by encouraging drivers, bicyclists and motorists to be more aware of one another. The campaign is called “See the Blindspots,” and the website presents a collection of data regarding pedestrian and bicyclist accidents in Florida.

Florida has been ranked one of the most dangerous places for pedestrians. There are nine traffic-related pedestrian deaths each week in the state. Motorists are not always the sole cause of pedestrian accidents. Pedestrians must also obey certain rules of the road.

If you are walking, jogging, skateboarding, or otherwise acting as a pedestrian, avoid injuries by following these safety tips:

  • Avoid walking in the shoulder. If there is no sidewalk and you are forced into the roadway, walk on the left side of the road so approaching drivers will be more likely to see you.
  • Do not jaywalk. Many Florida pedestrians are injured when they attempt to cross the road in an area without a crosswalk. Do not cross intersections until the signal indicates it is okay to do so.
  • Do not assume motorists will stop for you as you cross a crosswalk. Common driver distractions may mean the driver is not looking at the road. Try to make eye contact with the driver before you cross, or wait until there are no cars before crossing.
  • As you cross a road, continue to check for drivers who do not see you. Motorists making a right-on-red sometimes fail to see crossing pedestrians.
  • Wear reflective clothing at dusk, dawn and nighttime. It is particularly difficult for drivers to see at these times. Consider carrying a flashlight as well.

We can all prevent car accidents by being more aware of each other’s presence on Florida roads.

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