SUV Rollover Accidents

SUVs are very popular family cars. They are great for family vacations, road trips, and camping excursions. SUVs were originally manufactured for off-road use, but have increasingly become the choice of suburban families. Even though these vehicles offer hauling strength and lots of room inside the vehicle, they come with dangerous safety defects.

SUVs and Rollovers

SUVs cause many rollover accidents each year. They are prone to rolling over due to their narrow bodies and high center of gravity. The smallest jerk of the wheeling may cause the SUV to rollover inflicting personal injury or even death to the driver and passengers. It is very common for a driver to jerk the steering wheel to avoid hitting an object in the road or the car in front. Swerving to avoid an accident should not in turn cause an accident.

SUV rollover accidents may turn serious or fatal because of the weak roofs and the lack of a roll bar. When SUVs were manufactured for off-road use, they came equipped with a roll bar to protect the driver and passengers if the roof collapsed. Car manufacturers removed the roll bar when manufacturing SUVs for families, but they never corrected the weak roof or the high center of gravity.

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